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WineryWineApproximate Price
Little Boomey 06 Shiraz$5.99
Barefoot Shiraz$6.00
Beringer 05 Pinot Grigio$6.00
Trinity Oaks 05 Pinot Grigio$6.95
St. James Winery Velvet White$6.99
St. James Winery Pink Catawba$6.99
St. Julian Red Heron$7.49
Redwood Creek 05 Shiraz$7.99
Redwood Creek 04 Merlot$7.99
Martini & Rossi Bianco Vermouth$8.00
Bohemian Highway 04 Merlot$8.00
Round Hill 05 Chardonnay$8.00
Stone Cellars by Beringer 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$8.00
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi 05 Chardonnay$8.25
Stone Hill Winery Pink Catawba$8.49
St. James Winery Cherry$8.99
St. Gabriel 05 Riesling$8.99
Wollersheim Winery 06 Eagle White$9.00
Bogle Vineyards 05 Chenin Blanc$9.00
Cycles Gladiator Wines 05 Cabernet Sauvignon$9.99
St. Gabriel 05 Riesling$9.99
Napa Ridge Winery 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$9.99
Cellar No. 8 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$10.00
Dancing Bull 04 Merlot$10.00
Jekel Vineyards 05 Riesling$10.99
Jekel Vineyards 05 Chardonnay$10.99
Korbel Blanc de Noir Champagne$11.00
Korbel Brut Rose Champagne$11.00
Silver Beach 06 Sauvignon Blanc$11.99
Dancing Coyote Wines 04 Tango$11.99
Bliss Vineyards 04 Merlot$12.00
Maryhill Winery 05 Winemakers blend$12.00
Forestville Sonoma Reserve 03 Merlot$12.99
Treleaven Wines 06 Riesling Semi-Dry$12.99
Five Rivers 05 Pinot Noir$12.99
Korbel 04 Natural Champagne$13.00
Gallo Family Vineyards 04 Zinfandel$13.00
St. James Winery 03 Norton$13.49
Shelburne Vineyard 05 Riesling - Dry$13.50
Tabor Hill 04 Traminette$13.95
Cycles Gladiator Wines 05 Pinot Noir$14.00
Hahn Estates 05 Merlot$14.00
Huntington Wine Cellars 05 Petite Sirah$14.00
Huntington Wine Cellars 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$14.00
Kiara Private Reserve 04 Cabernet Sauvingon$14.99
Bonterra 04 Merlot$14.99
Zig Zag Zin 04 Zinfandel$14.99
Casa di Rocco Prosecco$14.99
Jekel Vineyards 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$14.99
Jekel Vineyards 05 Pinot Noir$14.99
Ferrante Winery 05 Riesling$15.00
Ferrante Winery 05 Dry Riesling$15.00
Bray Vineyards 06 Barbera Rosato$15.00
Private Reserve 05 Dry Riesling$15.95
St. Julian Solera Cream Sherry$15.99
SchillingBridge Winery 06 Edelweiss$16.00
Klinker Brick 04 Zinfandel$16.00
Renwood Winery 03 Zinfandel$16.95
Sandhill 05 Gewurztraminer$16.99
Palmer Vineyards 05 Chardonnay$16.99
Navarro Vineyards 05 White Riesling$17.00
6th Sense 04 Syrah$17.00
Wattle Creek Winery 06 Sauvignon Blanc$17.00
Wattle Creek Winery 06 Rose$17.00
Thornton 04 Late Harvest Zinfandel$17.99
Bonterra 05 Roussanne$17.99
Whisky Run Creek 06 Edelweiss$18.00
En Casa 05 Syrah$18.00
Napa Valley Vineyards 02 Cabernet Sauvignon$18.00
Navarro Vineyards 05 Gewurztraminer$18.00
Hahn Estates 05 Pinot Noir$18.00
Macchia 05 Zinfandel$18.00
Macchia 05 Barbera$18.00
Rosenblum Cellars 04 San Francisco Bay Syrah Port$18.00
Paraiso 04 Chardonnay$18.00
Victor Hugo 05 Zinfandel$18.00
Harmony Cellars 04 Zinfandel$18.00
Thirty Bench 05 Riesling$18.00
Nevada City Winery 05 Zinfandel$18.50
Quail Ridge Winery 03 Merlot$18.99
Bianchi 05 Pinot Grigio$19.00
Sierra Vista Winery 04 Mourvedre$19.00
Kathy Lynskey Wines 06 Sauvignon Blanc$19.00
Church & State 05 Syrah$19.99
Elk Run Vineyards 05 Gewurztraminer$19.99
Brandt Family Winery 04 Syrah$20.00
Givich Vineyards 04 Zinfandel$20.00
Gray Ghost Vineyards 06 Adieu (Late Harvest Vidal Blanc)$20.00
Heringer Estates 04 Petite Sirah$21.00
Hawley Wines 05 Viognier$21.00
Orfila Vineyards & Winery Tawny Port$22.00
Dono dal Cielo 05 Zinfandel$22.00
Macchia 05 Zinfandel$22.00
Brutocao Cellars 04 Zinfandel$22.00
Renwood Winery 04 Barbera$22.95
Le Vigne di San Domenico 04 Merlot$22.99
Hagafen Cellars 06 White Riesling$24.00
Claudia Springs Winery 04 Zinfandel$24.00
Bianchi 04 Cabernet Franc$24.00
Nevada City Winery 05 Syrah$24.50
Tsillan Cellars 04 Syrah$24.95
St. James Winery 04 Late Harvest Chardonel$24.99
Orfila Vineyards & Winery 04 Syrah$25.00
Lewis Grace Patriot 04 Syrah$25.00
Handley Cellars 04 Syrah$25.00
EdenVale 03 Syrah$25.00
Mossback 05 Pinot Noir$25.00
Sheldon 04 Petite Sirah$25.00
Trentadue Winery Chocolate Amore$25.00
Thurston Wolfe Winery 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$25.00
Manzanita Creek Winery 04 Zinfandel$25.00
Saint Laurent Winery 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$25.00
Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$26.00
V. Sattui Winery 05 Chardonnay$26.00
Bell 05 Syrah$26.00
Dalla Vina 05 Syrah$26.00
Macchia 04 Zinfandel$26.00
Wattle Creek Winery 05 Chardonnay$26.00
Belvedere 04 Chardonnay$26.00
Ferrante Winery 05 Vidal Blanc Ice$27.00
Gamache Vintners 04 Estate Syrah$28.00
Dela Montanya 05 Tempranillo$28.00
Claudia Springs Winery 04 Pinot Noir$28.00
Stonestreet Alexander Mountain Estate 05 Chardonnay$28.00
Domenico Wines 04 Merlot$28.00
Earthquake 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$28.00
Earthquake 05 Zinfandel$28.00
Sierra Vista Winery 04 Syrah$28.00
V. Sattui Winery 05 Chardonnay$28.00
Mission Hill Family Estate 05 S.L.C. Chardonnay$29.99
Chalet Debonne Vineyards 05 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine$29.99
Sheldon 04 Vinolocity$30.00
Maryhill Winery 04 Merlot$30.00
Savannah Chanelle Vineyards 03 Pinot Noir$30.00
Limerick Lane Cellars 05 Syrah$30.00
Bradford Mountain 04 Syrah$30.00
Maryhill Winery 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$30.00
Acorn 04 Axiom Syrah$30.00
Eaton Hill Winery 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$32.00
Stryker Sonoma Winery 04 Zinfandel$32.00
Hagafen Cellars 05 Pinot Noir$32.00
Golden Mile Cellars 05 Zinfandel$32.90
Brutocao Cellars 03 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon$34.00
La Crema Winery 05 Pinot Noir$34.00
Robert Hall 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$34.00
Golden Mile Cellars 05 Black Arts Chardonnay$34.90
Renwood Winery 04 Zinfandel$34.95
Bradford Mountain 04 Zinfandel$35.00
Rodney Strong Vineyards 04 Reserve Pinot Noir$35.00
Domenico Wines 05 Pinot Noir$35.00
Mahoney Vineyards 04 Pinot Noir$36.00
Mahoney Vineyards 04 Pinot Noir$36.00
Dogwood Cellars 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$36.00
V. Sattui Winery 04 Zinfandel$38.00
Magnotta 04 Riesling Ice Wine$39.95
Quails' Gate Winery 04 Family Reserve Pinot Noir$39.99
Brassfield Estate 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$39.99
Casa Nuestra 05 Tinto Classico$40.00
Manzanita Creek Winery 04 Petite Sirah$41.00
V. Sattui Winery 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$44.00
Peju 03 Cabernet Franc$45.00
Reynolds Family Winery 05 Pinot Noir$45.00
Ceago Vinegarden 03 Blend-Red$45.00
Stryker Sonoma Winery 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$45.00
Geyser Peak Winery 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$47.00
Geyser Peak Winery 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$47.00
Nicholson Ranch 04 Merlot$50.00
Harmonique 04 Pinot Noir$50.00
Ceago Vinegarden 02 Cabernet Sauvignon$50.00
Northstar Cellars 03 Merlot$52.00
La Vista 04 Cabernet Sauvignon$55.00
Navarro Vineyards 05 Muscat Blanc$59.00
Sempre Vive 04 Petit Verdot$60.00
Rideau Vineyard 04 Syrah$61.00
Wattle Creek 03 Shiraz$65.00
Hunt Cellars 01 Rhapsody in Red "Meritage"$65.00
Chateau St. Croix 04 3 Barrel$65.00
Wattle Creek 03 Cabernet Sauvignon$85.00
Crinella 05 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc$88.00
Lucas & Lewellen 03 Cabernet Sauvignon 

All award winners (double-gold, gold, silver, and bronze) grouped by region and searchable by brand names can be found at the Grand Harvest Awards web site.

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